undisciplining AI research

As the questions in society are becoming bigger and more complex, the need for breaking down the silos across domains and disciplines for real transformation and change becomes apparent. The pace of technological advancement continues to accelerate, leaving gaps between research and societal developments in the AI field. Undisciplining AI Research is a series of workshops where PHD students interact with a group of interdisciplinary experts. They discuss goals and ideas conducive to the formation of a powerful interdisciplinary approach to AI research, keeping up with the rapidly evolving field.
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This groundbreaking project was born out of a crucial problem: the traditionally sluggish and compartmentalized nature of academic research. To address this challenge, we believe that collaboration is key. By bringing together scholars, creatives, designers, coders, and researchers, we aim to create a vibrant research ecology that embraces interdisciplinarity.

Undisciplining AI Research acts as a catalyst. Through dynamic discussions, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and the exchange of ideas, we seek to ignite a spark that will propel AI research forward. Our ultimate aim is to establish a thriving ecosystem where academia, both education and research, become more interdisciplinary, allowing it to be connected to real societal issues and cutting-edge technologies.

We are now working on a series of four experimental sessions on AI and interdisciplinary research. On October 13th, we hosted a Design-a-Thon. We creatively worked together in interdisciplinary ways on the case studies emerging from cancer research conducted by Weiran Han (PhD at Erasmus MC) and Hugo Horlings (Pathologist at Netherlands Cancer Institute / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek).


To develop a series of workshops to explore interdisciplinarity.

To collaborate in tandem with experts in the field of AI research.

To create a toolbox on how to engage in interdisciplinarity.


We brought together a series of experts in AI research from different disciplines and perspectives.

We organised "I have (no) doubts", a co-creation seminar on May 30th, 2023.

We hosted an AI research ecologies seminar on July 7th, 2023.

We hosted the 'Trust me, I am not a doctor' Design-a-Thon on October 13th, 2023.

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