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Let’s introduce you to Redefining the Classroom and its collaborative hub, the HefHouse. The HefHouse is a result of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam, and Albeda College coming together and believing that learning shouldn’t be confined to the walls of theoretical knowledge. It should also give space to real-life experiences.
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Made possible through the Municipality of Rotterdam, this location is set to become an epicenter of innovation and learning. Nestled alongside the iconic Hef bridge and within the picturesque Hefpark, the HefHouse provides an arena for connecting with the community of Rotterdam South.

Together, we bridge the gap between academia and the vibrant youth of South Rotterdam. Talent development, entrepreneurship, and education converge in this dynamic space, aiming to address educational and social inequality.

Step into a world where the classroom goes beyond the university campus. Find out more about the HefHouse and let's redefine the future of education!


To develop the HefHouse into a base camp for (educational) programs to interact closely with the local community​.

To create activities where students and youth can interact and engage with each other and within the local community.


We initiated an interactive learning community, ImpactLab, aimed at tackling social issues in Rotterdam South in collaboration with Hogeschool Rotterdam.

We organised educational courses, Social Impact Minors, that focus on immersing in society and explicitly catering to the needs of the neighborhood.

We launched an ongoing social and integration Buddy Programme between young status holders and university students in Rotterdam.

We established a youth hub by social organisation SOL to enable interaction between youth and students, e.g. the AICON workshop on the impact of AI in society.

We founded the Tutoring Crew, a program in which university students conduct after-school tutoring for young students in Rotterdam Zuid.

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