game based learning

Game-Based Learning makes education interactive by allowing students to interact with each other in real time or in simulated learning scenarios. Their interactions are revolved around solving skill-, relationship-, or knowledge-building challenges.

Welcome to the community

Through this community of educators, we spread curiosity, interest, action, and collaborations around Game-Based Learning (GBL) practices in education. So far, the GBL members produced great projects in the fields of law, management, psychology, and more. These exchanges between the members of GBL feed the community with case studies and unlock new possibilities for collaboration within and beyond the EUR, further revolutionizing the way students experience education.


To help students learn in new, innovative ways.

To enhance students’ learning experiences and increase their enjoyment and excitement.

To create an experience tailored to the needs of the students through various collaborations.


The Class Foundation granted this project the Best Campus Development Award in 2021 University Rotterdam.

We created the EUR Minecraft Campus during the 2020 pandemic.

We conducted research with 800 students from RSM that used the Deal Hero game in class. According to them, the Deal Hero game was more engaging than their typical learning experiences, valued its interactive aspects, and specified features to enhance the learning process.

We facilitated the development of ESHCC students’ own serious game, while also gamifying the course itself.

Partners & contributors