education for social change

This project aims to address the question: "How can we encourage Erasmus University (EUR) students to engage with societal issues?". Because at EUR, students acquire theoretical skills and knowledge, and we recognized the potential to apply this understanding in real-world scenarios and connect it with society. Hence, we developed a summer school and a minor aimed at bridging the gap between education and society, academic and social life, theory and practice in an innovative manner.
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Bridging the gap

We developed an educational framework, called Experimental Pedagogics, which embodies a multidimensional vision on how education could help to address real, complex, societal challenges. The program combines the latest advances in educational sciences with a broad sweep of education philosophy and history, offering a trans-disciplinary approach to education. This informs the two initiatives under this project.

For students: Education for Social Change Minor
This minor challenges students to become educational innovators and make a real difference in the world. Not only do students learn about teaching and learning from different angles, perspectives, and disciplines, but they are also able to collaborate and learn with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and to apply their own knowledge to develop education intervention for the local communities.

For Educational Staff: Inclusive Education Program
In the summer school, we are introducing the framework around experimental pedagogics to teachers across the Netherlands and beyond. We are giving teachers the tools to help their students create education innovation that can expand across all kinds of settings at all different levels. Teachers will come out of the Summer School with a real plan that can be implemented right away.


To bridge the gap between education and society with the University and other VMBO schools in Rotterdam

To develop an educational framework for transformative learning


We initiated the Community-oriented Action-based Real-world Education’ (CARE), a pilot collaboration with EUR and VMBO schools in Rotterdam

We developed a fully-fledged semester-long training on Experimental Pedagogics for EUR students: a ground-breaking new approach to educating the education innovators of tomorrow

We launched the Education for Social Change Minor

We launched the Summer school for Professors on an introduction to experimental pedagogics

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