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Secondary and higher education students often struggle with training, internalizing, and applying many crucial soft skills required for their future professional careers. Yet, these skills are not explicitly taught in most educational systems. The ACE Yourself App is designed to fill this gap. The app supports students in soft skill development during upper secondary education, early higher education and especially during the transition between these. The ACE Yourself App will be implemented in universities and secondary schools all around the Netherlands in the 2024-2025 academic year.
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The ACE Yourself App covers three essential learning pathways: study, personal, and social skills. Teachers can integrate skillset development into their courses, easily providing feedback and support. Students get to train skills autonomously or in groups, while personalizing their learning experience. This app enhances student engagement, personalizes learning experiences, and prepares students for their professional futures.

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Partners & contributors

The ACE Yourself App was developed in close partnership with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Maastricht University, and Tilburg University. Moreover, various high schools and other institutions participate as advisory groups, testing and reviewing the app with students. Learn more about our partners' involvement in the app below!

Maastricht University

tilburg university


We combined user-centered research and scientific research to ensure that the app is science-backed and endorsed by students.

Discover some of the research highlights about smartphone usage for education and mobile learning for personalized education.

We established the ACE app consortium consisting of 4 partner universities, also supported by formal agreements around the institutional use of the app.

The pilot of the app was tested during the Pre-Academic Program and the CONNECT mentor program of the academic year 2023/2024.


Research showed that over 80% of students use their phone for study purposes.  

Since the start of the project, over 1200 students were involved in developing and testing the app.

The app was rated an average of 8.2 out of a 10-point scale by over 700 students who tested it.

Over 80 stakeholders from Erasmus University, partner universities, and other organizations have already collaborated on the ACE Yourself App project.