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Immersive technologies are rapidly becoming part of our modern society. Immersive technology has been making significant strides in higher education as well, shaping the way students learn and engage with educational content. ErasmusX’s Immersive Tech project is working on ways in which these technologies can best be incorporated into the future of education.
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VR and AR are making their way into health care, arts, architecture, entertainment, and many more industries. They are also being integrated into higher education to create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

ErasmusX believes that they can simulate real-world environments for training and practice in fields like medicine, architecture, engineering, increasing interdisciplinary learning. As part of this project, we utilise different types of technology, educational tools, and systems.


To create enhanced learning experiences through immersive technologies, which better prepares students for their role within society.

To bring immersive technology to the students so that their learning experiences can be improved.


We worked together with stakeholders in and outside the university to create an immersive tech room.

We developed an educational program that will be housed within the immersive tech room.